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We are reliable attorneys in Stellenbosch providing top-notch legal advice without all the intimidating jargon and complexity. We’re obsessed with our ethics, and while we won’t bend the rules for you, we’ll let you choose how you interact with us and how often.

We cover a wide range of legal areas, from Family Law to Property and Commercial Law. With a team of dedicated attorneys, our goal is to unravel the knots in your legal issues carefully and efficiently.

We’re not the cheapest in town, but we do our best not to have you feeling like you're paying for over-priced beer with a bad aftertaste. Fairness and transparency are truly at the core of what we do.


So, for reliable legal advice that comes with a personal touch and freedom of choice, give VZS Attorneys a try. We're eager to be on your team.


We pride ourselves on delivering personalised, attentive, and effective legal advice tailored to your unique situation. Our objective is to exceed your expectations, not simply meet the minimum requirements.


We keep you informed and involved at every stage of the process, fostering a clear line of communication to address your concerns and promptly provide feedback.


We are committed to providing a fair and transparent billing structure, ensuring that you understand the costs involved and the value you receive from our services.

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