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Van Zyl Scheepers Attorneys


We were destined to be lawyers, masters of our craft. With passion and dedication, we hone our skills every day, continuously perfecting our art. We embrace the timeless principles that have proven to be effective, and fearlessly challenge those that do not serve us. We are proud to be the guardians of justice and to bring clarity to the law.

Personal attention

Transparent billing


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LLB (Cum Laude) – UNISA

Focus areas: Family and Property Law

The level-headed partner you want in your corner when it comes to securing deals or hashing out problems. He's enough of a lawyer to win the argument and enough of a strategist to know he doesn’t always have to. With a combination of diligence, tenacity, fairness, and patience, Frederick always comes out on top, whether he's whipping up a brew or examining a contract. And did we mention, he's got mad skills in the breath-holding department? When he's not at the office, Frederick loves to spend time with his beautiful family, hit the hockey field, or explore the depths of the ocean.

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LLB – Stellenbosch University & UNISA certificate in

business rescue practice

Focus areas: Corporate and Commercial Law

The young dog with new tricks. Rikus’ insatiable curiosity ensures that he gets to the root of a problem to give you what you really need – not just what you thought you needed. With his keen eye for detail, he’ll let his OCD work for you. He’s faster than a puma and he’s stronger than a bear. You can coax him out with coffee, but please don’t touch the hair. When he's not pumping iron, shredding in the mountains, or soaking up knowledge, this adrenaline junkie is enjoying the Winelands with his better half and their ginormous Great Dane! Adventure is always on the menu and there's never a dull moment.

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BCom, LLB – Rand Afrikaans University

Focus areas: Conveyancing and Notarial 

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The fiery redhead who brings the heat to the legal world! She's a seasoned conveyancer and notary who's all about getting things done efficiently. Don't let her friendly demeanor fool you, when it comes to the quarter-mile, she hits the gas and leaves the competition in the dust! When she's not crushing deadlines, she's lending her time and talents to charity projects or belting out tunes as a choir powerhouse. Anita, the ultimate multitasker with a heart of gold.



Candidate Attorney

LLB - Stellenbosch University

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The attorney-in-the-making who fell in love with our firm during his vacation work and appointed himself to our team. But wait, there's more! This guy has a wild side too. He used to dream of becoming an actor, but now he dedicates himself to the law with relentless energy and unwavering determination. He's a huge Narnia geek and knows all the quotes by heart. Whether he’s practicing his swing on the golf course or pouring over legal texts, he’s always working towards his goal of being the best in the business. 

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Office administrator

BCom Management Sciences & PGdip Financial Planning - Stellenbosch University

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This administrative whiz who keeps our ducks in a row. With a qualification in finance and two years of teaching experience in Thailand, she brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our office. Kristeen is a sucker for organization and structure, making her the perfect fit for our office. She has a deep appreciation for nature and thrives on meticulous planning. Outside of work, you'll find her running races, volunteering at animal shelters, or exploring the ocean as an enthusiastic diver. With her hardworking nature, approachable demeanour, and love for dogs, Kristeen is an invaluable addition to our team.

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